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For All of Essex County’s Eavestroughing Needs

Eavestroughing Plus is committed to providing the residents of Windsor and Essex County with quality exterior home products and installation that protects and enhances the appearance and value of their homes. With our mobile service, we can manufacture eavestroughs on-site with 20 different colours to choose from.


Our main products include:

  • Gutter guards

  • Soffits

  • Fascia

  • Custom eavestroughs

All Eavestrough Services Guaranteed

We guarantee our service, and we provide prompt, reliable follow-up if any issues should arise. You can count on us for timely service and custom fitting on-site. Our work is always of the highest quality, and we'll protect your lawn and garden and leave your home looking as neat and clean as it was when we arrived!

Our main services include, but are not limited to:

Supply & Install 5 and 6” Seamless Aluminum Eavestroughs

Discover the benefits of seamless aluminum eavestroughs. Aluminum doesn’t rust and can be painted to match any colour. Aluminum eavestrough are easier to install and maintain.

Leaf Guards

Protect your gutters with leaf guards. These guards keep your eavestrough system from clogging, preventing dangerous and costly repairs. When leaves are allowed to block your gutters, water can back up causing leaks, rot, and mould.


Eavestrough Repairs

From leaky corners to sagging gutters, Eavestroughing Plus provides a wide range of repair services. We can level, realign, seal corners, replace damaged corners and perform the repairs you need quickly.

Eavestrough Cleaning

Clean your eavestroughs regularly. Blockage of leaves and other debris causes leaks and decay. Sitting water is also a perfect breeding ground for disease carrying insects. The cleaner your eavestroughs, the longer they last.

Fascia Repair & Replacement

Your home’s fascia often sustains a lot of water damage. Fascia helps protect your home and roof, pushing the water off and away from the house just a few inches to avoid possible damage to the home. Regular fascia repairs and replacements keep your home safe.

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